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What's New?

20/04/2013: Problem 052, Extremal Graphs with Small Girth, added.

18/04/2013: Problem 050, Diamond-free Degree Sequences updated.

24/10/2012: Problem 051, Tank Allocation, added.

29/05/2012: JSR-331 Java Constraint Programming API has been added to the links page.

01/09/2010: Problem 050, Diamond-free Degree Sequences, added.

12/08/2010: Generalized version of Problem 030,the Balanced Academic Curriculum Problem, added.

09/04/2010: Problem 049, Number Partitioning, added.

31/10/2008: Drools has been added to the links page.

2/10/2008: JaCoP has been added to the links page.

2/10/2008: VFLib has been added to the benchmark libraries page.

12/09/2008: Problem 005, Low Autocorrelation Binary Sequence has been updated.

22/07/2008: Problem 048, Minimum Energy Broadcast, added.

20/03/2008: Problem 047, Supply Chain Coordination, added.

10/09:2007: HySAT has been added to the links page.

22/12:2006: jOpt CSP, an open-source implementation of the Optimization Programming Language (OPL) has been added to the links page.

24/11:2006: Reference to Barbara Smith's tech report added to Problem 014 (Solitaire Battleships).

14/08:2006: Reference to George Bell's Peg Solitaire page added to Problem 037 (Peg Solitaire).

14/08:2006: Problem 046, Meeting Scheduling, added.

1/08:2006: Artelys Kalis added to the links page.

6/03:2006: Problem 044 Steiner Triple Systems has been updated (thanks to Francisco Azevedo).

6/03/2006: Cardinal added to the links page.

30/01/2006: 303 instances added to the Solitaire Battleships page, courtesy of Moshe Rubin.

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