Problems in Numerical Order:

prob001: Car sequencing.

prob002: Template design.

prob003: Quasigroup existence.

prob004: Mystery shopper.

prob005: Low autocorellation binary sequences.

prob006: Golomb rulers.

prob007: All-interval series.

prob008: Vessel loading.

prob009: Perfect square placement.

prob010: Social golfer problem.

prob011: ACC basketball schedule.

prob012: Nonograms.

prob013: Progressive party problem.

prob014: Solitaire Battleships.

prob015: Schur's lemma.

prob016: Traffic lights.

prob017: Ramsey numbers.

prob018: Water bucket problem.

prob019: Magic squares and sequences.

prob020: Darts tournament.

prob021: Crossfigures.

prob022: Bus driver scheduling.

prob023: Magic hexagon.

prob024: Langford's number problem.

prob025: Lam's problem.

prob026: Round-robin tournaments.

prob027: Alien tiles.

prob028: Balanced incomplete block designs.

prob029: Prime queen attacking problem.

prob030: Balanced academic curriculum problem.

prob031: Rack configuration problem.

prob032: Maximum density still life.

prob033: Word design for DNA computing on surfaces.

prob034: Warehouse location problem.

prob035: Molnar's problem.

prob036: Fixed-length error correcting codes.

prob037: Peg solitaire.

prob038: Steel mill slab design problem.

prob039: Rehearsal problem.

prob040: A distribution problem with Wagner-Whitin costs.

prob041: N-fractions puzzle.

prob042: Circuit fault diagnosis.

prob043: Differential fault diagnosis.

prob044: Steiner triple systems.

prob045: Covering arrays.

prob046: Meeting Scheduling Problem.

prob047: Supply Chain Coordination.

prob048: Minimum Energy Broadcast.

prob049: Number Partitioning.

prob050: Diamond-free Degree Sequences.

prob051: Tank Allocation.

prob052: Extremal Graphs with Small Girth.