Flexible Planning and Flexible Graphplan

This is the (skeletal) home of Flexible Graphplan and Leximin Flexible Graphplan.

Downloads (.zip)

flash.gif (995 bytes) Leximin Flexible Graphplan(LFGP). Java Class files. Requires at least Java 1.3. NB This version incorporates some efficiency measures, such as satisfaction degree vector propagation and limited graph expansion, not described in the paper.
flash.gif (995 bytes) Flexible Graphplan(BBFGP). Java Class files. Requires at least Java 1.3. NB This is a new version of FGP which shares much of the code with LFGP for easier comparison. It uses a simple forward checking branch and bound algorithm to solve individual sub-problems. A revamped version of the original FGP, which uses the Flexible Local Changes algorithm to solve the sub-problems, will appear as soon as I get chance.
flash.gif (995 bytes) 15 simple flexible logistics problems.
flash.gif (995 bytes) The Rescue problem. You will wait a long time if you ask LFGP to solve this...
flash.gif (995 bytes) Installation: Put everything in one directory. "java BBFGP/LFGP x.ops x.prb" will run the planners. NB The planners are both very fussy about the syntax of these files and have no compunction at all about crashing if they don't like something. Try to use the examples as a guide. Please feel free to mail me if you are having problems, or a bug turns up.


flash.gif (995 bytes) I. Miguel and Q. Shen. Fuzzy rrDFCSP and Planning. Artificial Intelligence 148 (1-2), pages 11-52, 2003.
flash.gif (995 bytes) I. Miguel, Q. Shen, P. Jarvis. Flexible Planning by Leximin Fuzzy Constraint Satisfaction. Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Soft Constraints pages 43-55, 2002. bibtex
flash.gif (995 bytes) I. Miguel, Q. Shen and P.Jarvis. Efficient Flexible Planning via Dynamic Flexible Constraint Satisfaction. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 14(3), pages 301-327, 2001. bibtex
flash.gif (995 bytes) P. Jarvis, I. Miguel, Q. Shen. Flexible Blackbox: Preliminary Results. Proceedings of the AAAI-2000 Workshop on Representational Issues for Real-World Planning Systems, pages 43-49, 2000. bibtex
flash.gif (995 bytes) I. Miguel, P. Jarvis, Q. Shen. Flexible Graphplan. Proceedings of the Fourteenth European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pages 506-510, 2000. bibtex
flash.gif (995 bytes) The full list of my publications can be found here.


flash.gif (995 bytes) Dynamic Flexible Constraint Satisfaction and Its Application to AI Planning (ppt). Given at the University of Birmingham, University of York and the University of Manchester.
flash.gif (995 bytes) Flexible Planning (ppt). At the University of Huddersfield on 30th May, 2003.


flash.gif (995 bytes) Both Peter Jarvis and Qiang Shen input a great deal into this project.

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